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Pinterest-Inspired Brunch

Today my husband and I celebrated Mother’s Day by hosting brunch for our moms and siblings. It’s the third year

How to Make Tissue Paper Poofs

To my sister, Christine, If you’re reading this, it means you got my package! Yay! I know the folded tissue

Making Envelope Liners – Not as Hard as You Think

I was designing invitations for my mother-in-law’s birthday, and I just had to make custom liners. Invitations set the stage for the party, and liners bring any invitation up a notch. So we made custom liners for 100 envelopes! Here’s how.

Creating a Civilization of Love

One block further, the street was quiet, except I could see a young black man with a backpack and an open blue sleeping bag, working to stash it behind some bushes near the charity guild resale shop. Hurriedly, I crossed to the other side of the block, while he walked the other way.

Craft Club: How to Silk Screen T-shirts

So for the first 2016 Craft Club meeting, we silk-screened T-shirts, tote bags and aprons with our new “Craft Club” logo. It was only my second time to silk-screen on my own, and the first time on fabric, but all of our pieces turned out great! Here are the steps to creating your own silk screen project.

3 Tips for Foil Transfer

For some people it’s pictures of their kids. For my brother, it’s his famous chocolate chip cookies. You know, that

Create More.

At first, I was going to call this blog “Craft More.” Because I loooove crafts. Especially with friends. But then