How to Make Tissue Paper Poofs

Post it note on letter

To my sister, Christine,

If you’re reading this, it means you got my package! Yay!

I know the folded tissue paper things look nothing like the poofs I promised  so you can make these “rain clouds” for the baby shower you’re hosting this weekend. Let’s just say it’s a lot easier to mail folded tissue paper than tissue paper poofs, so this how-to is for you!

(Christine, you can skip to Step 6, everyone else can follow in order)


Tissue paper folded for poofs

How to Make Tissue Paper Poofs
(or Tissue Paper Pom Poms, same thing)


  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Ruler (if you’re a perfectionist like that)
  1. Gather tissue paper in the color of your hearts desire. You want to create stacks of 8-10 sheets, so you may need to fold or stack more.

    Tissue Paper

  2. Cut the layered stacks into squares. For medium size pom poms, make the square 10″x10″. You can go larger and smaller as needed.

    Tissue Paper

  3. Start folding the stack of tissue paper into accordion folds, about 1″ thick.

    Tissue Paper Poof - accordian fold

  4. Once you’ve folded the stack into an accordion completely, fold it in half so the two ends meet. Tie a piece of string around the middle. Use a piece that’s long enough to hang.

    Tissue Paper Poof - accordian fold

  5. Unfold the accordion and cut the stacked ends. For “clouds” or flowers, cut a rounded edge. For other festive poms, you can cut pointed ends (that’s my fave).

    Tissue Paper Poof - accordian fold Tissue Paper Poof - accordian fold

  6. Once the ends are cut, pull the first sheet of tissue paper from one side to the middle. Continue pulling layers of tissue from one side to the middle until you’ve gone through about half the stack. Then pull layers of tissue from the other side to the middle–about halfway through the stack.

    Tissue Paper Poof Tissue Paper Poof

  7. Then turn it over and repeat step 6.

    Tissue Paper Poofs 14

  8. Fluff up the tissue paper so it makes a rounded pom pom.

    Tissue Paper Poof

  9. Hang it up by the string and get to partying!

I even used a tissue paper as the top for a present last weekend.

Tissue Paper Present Topper

How else can you decorate with a tissue paper pom pom?

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